The wigs were in the net for a moment and it was in the bag to prevent intertwining.
Wigs were often in a cheap wigs small net and they were in an awkward pocket.

The fiber is heat resistant and easy to loosen and it is very soft.
Fibers are heat resistant and easy to wigs uk unravel

Its color has an incredible mix that is very lively. When she starts a small blonde wigs uk pulled by a redhead, she gets brighter with a hint to reach a very bright blonde

Since the wig is about 65 cm long and the heat cheap wigs resistance is 100%, you can straighten the thread as needed, but of course you will not raise the temperature.

The wig has cheap wigs braces, at the edge is a curl. Its material is high quality, heat resistance is 120C / 248F.

There is nothing to complain about! Super recommends product and store service, they are just perfect!
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